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The Drumdrill is a unique community platform. Drummers meet up online to practice all manner of stick control, rhythmic patterns, rudiments or any other drumming concepts together, live.
Originally created in the middle of 2020 as a way of keeping our spirits up, it has grown into a diverse community of drummers who support and challenge each other in what can often feel like the gruelling side of drumming.

It is not a technique lesson or an intensive course. It is simply a place where we turn up, draw inspiration from each other and our favourite drummers, and help each other getting some work done.

TURN UP Anyone can watch tutorials on Youtube or Instagram but to connect with a tribe of drummers to inspire you, to get some work done and laugh with is another story. Until now.
Belonging to a group fuels action. Actions create habits.
Habits are part of Practice. Practice is the single best way to get to what you seek to be.
You turn up, we do it.

DRILL IT Because end-results & outcomes aren't that often under your control but your commitment to the process 100% is. Setting the tone of your practice by focusing on the skill you want to develop, and how, will lead to meaningful changes. It doesn't have to feel like the gruelling grind!
Bring the drumkit to your pad and address your head, your ears and your hands.

REPEAT The technical & rudimental world doesn’t have to be cold and intimidating. Practicing fundamentals that are applicable and useful on a daily basis leads to concrete results. It makes you sound better. We think music & drums.
This is not practice pad Olympics.

How does it work?

First you must sign up as a Member.
MEMBERSHIP is only £30/year (£2.50/month), with a 7-day full access trial.

Once signed up you will have the possibility to choose (and change) between 3 different SESSION PLANS to suit your schedule and budget.