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The Drumdrill is a unique community platform. Drummers meet up online to practice all manner of stick control, rhythmic patterns, rudiments or any other drumming concepts together, live.


Drumdrill helps you generate a new pulse to your practice.
Friendly and ego free, it is a great way of keeping your hands and your head healthy.
All it requires is that you take part.

TURN UP Anyone can watch tutorials on Youtube or Instagram but connecting and being part of a tribe of drummers is inspiring.
Belonging to our group fuels action. We help create positive habits. You get some great work done and it’s fun.
You turn up, we do it. 

DRILL IT Together, we set the tone. What and how you practice is key. We focus on the right stuff and in the right way so that it brings meaningful changes to your mindset, your practising and your playing.
We think music, we think drums.  We keep it fresh and it’s transformative for your head, your ears and your hands.

REPEAT Having a routine practicing technical fundamentals directly applicable and musically useful is exciting, motivating and very rewarding. It leads to concrete results and makes you sound better. Grab your pad, we’ll do it together.
It’s all about music not practice pad Olympics.

How does it work?

First you must sign up as a Member.
MEMBERSHIP is only £20/year (£2.50/month), with a 14-day Full Access Trial.

Once signed up you will have the possibility to choose (and change) between 3 different Drumdrill Live Sessions plans to suit your budget and schedule.