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About Us

The Drumdrill is a unique community platform. Drummers meet up online to practice all manner of stick control, rhythmic patterns, rudiments or any other drumming concepts together, live. Originally created in the middle of 2020 as a way of keeping our spirits up, it has grown into a diverse community of drummers who support and challenge each other in what can often feel like the more laborious side of drumming.

It is not a technique lesson or an intensive course, nor it is about learning cheap tricks and flashy licks. It is simply a place where we turn up, draw inspiration from each other and our favourite drummers, and help each other getting some work done.

It is an informal and pressure free environment with plenty of spontaneity and has proven to be a great way of keeping our hands and our heads healthy. 

What We Do

 All of the sessions are live and last around 60 minutes. The content will vary but we usually follow this rough template:

Warm up and Stretch exercises using larger Rebound/Full strokes with simple sticking and accent patterns.

Rhythmic, Timing Perception. Getting the brain and the ears going, playing rudimental ideas or short phrases and playing around with displacement, permutation, changing the sticking or subdivisions.

Written Study. We use a fair amount of existing written material, borrowing from Gary Chaffee, Joe Morello, Ted Reed, Gary Chester or Steve Gadd's material, as well as revisiting some older classic snare drum books from Charley Wilcoxon or Dante Agostini or making our own based on songs we like.

Endurance drills. Wrapping it all up with some focused drills and endurance routines. Tommy Igoe's Lifetime Warm Up is often on the menu here.


Our Community

There are many different reasons for you to join. 

Whether you feel:

Out of touch with the "technique' stuff and need a boost of confidence.

 Overwhelmed by where to start and who to listen to.

Intimidated because you've been playing and gigging for years but never really invested time in all of this. It's fine!

Left cold and uninspired by all the 'technique orientated' drummers out there. 

or you want to:

Dedicate focused time to work on your chops.

Get guidance starting some long overdue hand maintenance.

Learn new stuff and get some inspiration.

Help with motivation and build a practice routine.

Hang out, meet like minded drummers...and add to our collection of bad drummer jokes!

The point is that you are completely in charge of how you want to shape the Drumdrill around your needs. 

Why Join Us?

As a Drumdrill member you will get access to:

✔ A community of like minded drummers to connect and interact with. 

✔︎ A minimum of three weekly live sessions lead by myself, usually held at 10:00 and 18:30 (GMT)*.

✔︎ Access via the platform to PDF notation of the exercises, drills and concepts used during the sessions.  

✔︎ Access to pre-recorded 'Practice Along' videos. (currently in development)

✔︎ Priority access and 50% discount on all 'Guest Sessions'. 

✔︎ 20% discount on all 1-1 lessons.

* Live sessions will be confirmed the week prior as schedule may vary.

What's the Cost?

Membership is only £15/month, with a 14-day trial, and you can cancel at any time. 

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